Are You Looking for a Better Way to Practice Law?

If your looking to add real value to your client’s business, if you believe that wise advice can only come from individuals who enjoy their life and what they do, then you have come to the right firm. Whether you want to practice part-time or take on the world, there is a place for you at Croessmann & Westberg, PC.

We ask only one thing – that you strive to be the very best at what you do. We go up against the biggest and best law firms in the world everyday. Being a “B” player is simply not an option. If you are up for the challenge, send us your resume. We are always looking for the right individuals. Whether they are interns, associates or partners.

Judge Hammer Experienced Associates

We are currently seeking associates with three to five years experience in construction.


Student graduated Law Students & Summer Interns

Interviews for summer interns start in March. Send your resume and a writing sample.


Balance Partners with Portable Business

If you have a book of business and are looking for a new home, give us a call.


Great Reasons to Join Croessmann & Westberg You Can Build a Practice and a Life With Us! You Are Wanted!
  • We value work/life balance (means less stress & pressure)
  • We care about our attorneys and treat them with utmost respect
  • We offer a positive and family-like atmosphere (feels like home)
  • We offer a Partner Fast-Track Program (greater opportunity for success/more money)
  • Strong mentoring program (you are invested in)
  • We keep our clients for life (stability)
  • Our clients are our friends (authentic connections)
  • We live by loyalty and trust daily
  • Getting new business and growing your client base is encouraged (proactivity is rewarded)