Residential Construction

Attorneys Representing Parties in Residential Construction Claims

People often turn to general contractors to build and renovate their homes. While most residential construction projects seem straightforward, difficulties can nonetheless arise that expose the general contractor or subcontractor contractor to liability. Residential construction disputes can result in significant damages, and it is smart for anyone faced with a construction issue to seek the assistance of an attorney. If you have questions regarding a residential construction matter, the capable construction lawyers of Croessmann & Westberg, P.C., can inform you of your rights and help you to seek the best outcome possible in consideration of the facts of your case.

New Home Construction

New home construction projects typically involve many entities other than the construction team, including developers, architects, engineers, vendors, and investors. The more parties involved, the greater the chance of delays, errors, changes to the scope of the project, and mistakes. An important step in reducing the risk of liability is negotiating contractual terms that are beneficial to your company and fighting to remove any terms that may be unfavorable. For example, provisions regarding delay damages, change orders, quality of materials, and payment schedules should be carefully analyzed and constructed.

When problems arise in new construction projects, it is often difficult to determine who is at fault, as parties will often seek to avoid liability by blaming another entity. In many cases, the applicable contracts will include clear terms regarding liability regardless of who is actually at fault. If they do not, the parties may need to hire experts to investigate the cause of the alleged damages. Typically, the expert will be someone with experience in construction, a design professional, or a structural engineer, and the issue of liability will often come down to which party’s expert presents a more compelling argument.


Often during a remodel, disputes will arise between the owner and the contractor regarding some aspect of the project. Emotions are running high as a remodel is typically a personal experience for an owner. Remodels are the perfect concoction of money, emotions, and stress. As a result, some aspects of a project may lead to a dispute include:

  • the cost of the project;
  • allowance overages;
  • change orders;
  • design defects;, or
  • claims of construction defects.

These disputes can result in the owner not paying the contractor for the work that the contractor performed. The contractor needs an effective lawyer in the contractor’s corner that knows how to collect funds for the contractor and combat claims of defective workmanship.

At Croessmann & Westberg, P.C. our attorneys are knowledgeable about the construction industry and the laws that apply to construction. Many of our attorneys worked in the construction industry prior to becoming attorneys.

Insurance Restoration

Insurance/storm restoration contractors face unique challenges that other remodelers do not experience. The biggest difference is that the funds for the construction work are coming from an insurance company rather than the owner having the cash in their bank account prior to the work beginning. As a result, it is common for the owners to “ghost” the contractor after signing the contract or failing to pay the amount owed after the work is complete. Common issues our lawyers handle include:

  • Collections;
  • Contract drafting;
  • Regulatory matters; and
  • Unlicensed Public Adjuster claims

Our attorneys focus on representing insurance contractors with a view on being effective and cost efficient.

Confer With a Knowledgeable Construction Law Attorney

Residential construction projects do not always run smoothly, and complications can develop that ultimately require legal intervention. If you need help resolving a dispute relating to a residential construction project, it is in your best interest to confer with a lawyer. At Croessmann & Westberg, P.C., our knowledgeable attorneys are proficient at helping people resolve construction disputes quickly and fairly, and if we represent you, we will work tirelessly to help you seek the results you deserve. You can reach us via our online form or by calling us at (703) 483-3550 to set up a confidential meeting.