Home Solicitation Law in MD

Do I have to give a buyer an amount of time to cancel a home improvement contract in MD?

Like Virginia, Maryland also has a home solicitation law that gives buyers the right to cancel a home improvement contract within a set number of days after signing that contract. Under Maryland law, the contract must contain a provision stating that the buyer has a right to cancel and a page containing information on cancellation including how to send in the notice of cancellation. The buyer has five days to exercise this right unless they are over sixty-five years old where they have seven days. This home solicitation law does not apply to situations where the work is requested in response to an emergency. To prevent further damage, the work is allowed to begin right away without giving five days for cancellation.

In Maryland, the Maryland Home Improvement Commission could suspend the contractor’s license or require the payment of a fine for leaving out this mandatory provision. In addition, the buyer would be able to cancel this transaction at any time by any means if they were not provided with a provision detailing this right.