New VA Employment Law Changes

As an employer, are there new updates to Virginia Employment law that I should be aware of?

                As of July 1, 2023, there are new changes to VA employment law that are important for all employers, including contractors, to be aware of. The two most relevant to construction employers are SB 1040 and SB 1086.

SB 1040 prohibits an employer from using an employee’s social security number, or a number derived there from, as an ID number or on an ID or access badge. A violation of this law can lead to civil penalties with fines.

For employers with more than fifty employees, SB 1086 now requires the employer to allow organ donation leave if requested by the employee. The employer is entitled to come back to work without the leave having an impact on the employee’s job or benefits. The leave is unpaid and only applies to certain employees under the statute. Employers must comply with these changes or risk facing a monetary civil penalty for each violation that increases with subsequent violations.